I find to be very informative, displaying all sorts of topics on the homepage for you to choose. The navigation around the site seems relatively simple and straightforward. There is a search bar option to which you can type in key words bringing up different articles perhaps relevant to your chosen topic of choice, a tick for SEO. In terms of the visual aspect of the of the site, the ratio of picture and text is good, the size of the pictures are not too overpowering and of high quality. It is very responsive strengthening the accessibility of the site. Overall I feel the user experience is sound. When accessed on another device such as the phone it adapts well to the size of the screen adjusting the text font but still very readable, the menu is condensed and features like the search bar is still included.




Tate modern








I feel the site is a reflection of what the tate modern itself showcases, displaying the range of artists old and new, upcoming and ones to watch out for. I must admit that I like the busyness of the site in terms of picture orientation and text layout ,it mirrors the feel of tate modern itself when you visit.  Events are clearly shown. The navigation is relatively easy, on the mobile device the sites features such as the search bar is clear. Minimisation of the site reacts well and the navigation buttons to screen size adjust accordingly. Important importation such as transport variations on how to get there and location is displayed appropriately. It is also compatible with different browsers giving the user good consistency.




Keishi Jewellery


An absolute favourite jewellery brand of mine. The aesthetics of the site are clean and simple, this I feel reflects the nature of the brand and shop layout. The fonts are readable and work relatively well together. The drop down menus are simple and each category is spilt to make it easier to find a product, a tick towards intuitive navigation. Most recents are displayed on the page so you can keep up to date with trends. The search bar is convenient. The opening times are clearly displayed, this is hard to find normally so for me, it may sound really silly, is a bonus. High quality images are used and if you hover over items it tells you the prices and still displays the image behind with addition to its availability straight away. It is very irritating clicking on a product to find out it is not in stock, you wished you didn’t go through the hassle of clicking on it, adding to bag and then receiving an ‘out of stock’ error message.