These three examples are objects I use most days if not everyday.

Simple, functional and very convenient . To me, good designs.



The Pen (latin: penna feather) 

We no longer have to top up our quills with ink..







The modern type of pen comes in various sizes, it can have many different uses, to colour, to write, to highlight and it can dispense different types of ink. Able to write on different types of surfaces. There are inexpensive and also more pricey types to reach different target audiences. It is the most common tool for everyday writing. It is accessible to majority of people. This particular pen is protected by its very own lid. It is sturdy to write with good grip. It is also easily portable. You can choose to keep most things on the computer but arguably there is something special about writing that can’t be wiped out.


The Thermos 

Coffee or tea on the go… yes please.

It consists of two flasks one inside the other and joined together at a point at the top.  The gap between the two layers is partially removed of air producing a space which reduces heat transference. It is easy to travel with, it is not too heavy even with contents inside, it keeps your contents warmer or cooler for a reasonably time whilst acting as a container. It is relatively easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It can hold a range of food and drink products. The design of the screw on lid prevents any leakage. A great size for me personally, you can store it easily inside a bag, it supplies a sufficient amount of liquid and is refillable. There are also more creative uses of a thermos, according to it can also be used as s stationary holder in the office or for the budding gardeners out there, a place to grow a vining plant.


The Rucksack (backpack, knapsack…)

A cloth sack secured with shoulder straps…or is there more to it?

It is designed to hold several items at one time, it can be used as a method of transporting items in an easier and more convenient way. It has the capacity to hold various weights for longer periods of time. It can come in a variation of colours and sizes dependant on the use it is intended for. It is lightweight, waterproof and made from durable long-lasting material. Aims to disperse weight evenly to prevent from harm on the body. There are various pockets and design features to enhance organisation and safety of valuables such as a laptop.  Can be used for a range of activities. Reflective material is also included as part of the design enhancing safety at night time.  It is relatively malleable and can be folded down to store easily. Cleaning should not be a problem.